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Article: Will Boldy Cool Off With Kaprizov's Return?

Tom Schreier

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While MoJo has been a decent addition (so far) to the line. The driving force for our 'second line' has always been Ek. Where the GREEF line underperformed if Green or Moose were out, it tanked without Ek. Every time Ek has been shifted to another line, somehow the other younger guys suddenly 'unlock' their potential. I definitely see Boldy cooling off without Ek.

Unless Rossi is slotted into that 'second line' and shows how much he's learned, grown, and hungers for it with his last 5 months in the AHL... I just don't see it.

AND I STILL MISS EK! (even though we won last night. I will continue crying until he comes back.)

Sad Park Shin Hye GIF

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Ek is a huge loss, he has blossomed into a valuable 2nd line C offensively, and is so good defensively, kind of like a Koivu but more skilled and creative offensively.  What about Rossi?  

The baby Wild have not clinched a playoff spot and have 3 tough remaining games, but don't play until Wednesday.  I'd definitely play Rossi tonight, and maybe tomorrow night.  He's young, he can handle 3 games in a row.  

One thing I'd definitely like to see, is playoffs for both the prospects and the big club.  For development, the kids need to try for a playoff run, and I'd really like to see what The Wall can do in a playoff series.  

Back to Ek, he currently stands and likely finishes the season with a career high 61 points, tied for 40th among centermen.  According to my math, that puts him in the top 10 offensively as a 2nd line center scoring points.  His defensive contributions make him even more valuable than that.  I wonder if he'd played with Boldy all year, how many more points he could have had?

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