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Article: The Ultimate Ranking Of Wild Nicknames

Mikki Tuohy

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The guys on post game show on radio. Were laughing at a fan that called in a said the  wild aren’t a playoff team.  Parish and carts thought Sweden trip was great. The team showed some compete level so they were successful they said. . What a joke ! Bill says the team really cares about each other. They don’t seem to care about the paying fans that show up to watch crap. 20+ years of this crap !! The  wild media just makes excuses and call losing success.  Superstar fred is back. All world Spurg is back and they still  lose.. haha. What’s their new excuse going to be. 20 games in to season with same team and coach for past 3 years. 
    The Honest truth is none of them are afraid of losing their job. They’re too lazy to show up for work unless the gm yells at them. Then they still lose back to back. Why doesn’t the media start talking about the new country club bill built with his extensions .  The media butt kissing this team is why people accept mediocre. Who cares about nicknames for losers . Who cares if they had fun in Sweden.  20 games in after all those extensions and you’re seeing the true character of the players. None !  I’m not a fan of lazy or media that makes excuses for it . Bill has ruined this team and that’s the  truth !  Radio joe knuckle heady  you get paid to like crap.  

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