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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Gamethread: Wild vs. Stars (5:00 p.m.)

Thomas Williams

It's beginning to remind me of the Yeo Era and after that when the Wild were a roller coaster team. 

I just wonder about special teams and how they are so brutal. One PP and two SHGs for Dallas. Unbelievable, this has been going on now for the last month straight. I mean, players are on the ice but coaches have to be looking in the mirror.

John Madden is in AZ so forget that but call Adam Oates before 1st intermission is over.

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Well I messed up, period one had one Dallas goal at even strength but that caught up to itself so the Wild have still surrendered 3 goals on special teams. 

I think I'm done for today. Gonna compose my thoughts and critique the start of the division games along with all the other failures tomorrow. :classic_dry:

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Just now, Greenbean said:

This team has gone from difficult to watch, to impossible tonight.  Time to find anything else to do. Keep chasing grit over skilled players though Billy! You fkn moron. Him and Dean need to be walked out of MN tonight. 

Feeling the same. Went from being optimistic about getting out of cap hell in a year to being extremely pessimistic given the offseason signings and how they're playing right now. 

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