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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Gamethread: Wild vs. Devils (7:00 p.m.)

Thomas Williams

Well guys and gals a rough PK and a slow start cost us yet again. Mids isn’t going to like the film session tomorrow. 

That being said a lot of good things came about after the lines got switched up. Hopefully Dean keeps those through to the next game, they looked fantastic. 

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At this point there's not a lot of reasons to stick with past success related to lines. The PP and PK still suck just as they have for years. It's discipline the Wild haven't had. They take 5-6 penalties every game. High sticks, interference, too many men. 

Time to get it together, seriously...


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I get that the devils have a great power play, but this wild PK is straight up garbage!

At least Rossi keeps looking like he will become what the wild envisioned when they took him at number 9. Hard to complain about his game so far this year. He's produced with not so stellar line mates, and tonight in 2 periods with skilled line mates he put up what I believe was his first multi point night. 

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3 minutes ago, Protec said:

Dallas Stars in 10 days. MN has to figure it out and win that one. Right now it doesn't look good. Why no urgency til behind on the scoreboard going into the 3rd? 

Can't expect to win anything the way they're playing.

5v5 in the 2nd & 3rd is the bright spot, play 5v5 like that against powerhouses like the Devils you’ll win games. It’s the special teams specifically the PK that are absolutely killing them, just one kill changes that whole game. Mids lifts a stick in the 1st and it’s a different game. 

Disappointed in the loss but on to the Rangers. Really hoping Dean keeps those combos together. 

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