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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Wilderness Walk: Best Fighters In Wild History?

Thomas Williams

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Can't help but think of one name on the Wilds history of enforcers list for me. Da Boogyman forever! Memories of intensity, loyalty and no fear.  Sorry Reavo, your not even in the same conversation. 

I also have a thoughts of sadness now knowing the pain, addiction and loneliness that was also sacrificed for us fans for the performance on ice for our entertainment. 

Thank you Derek, and a thanks to your family for their sacrifice.  God Bless 🙏🏻

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Boogaard hands down.

There's been some good ones though over the years. Matt Johnson at the beginning. Todd Fedoruk was one while the Wild had Aaron Voros. Here's a clip where he fights one time MN player Owen Nolan.


Then the Wild had Staubitz and Konopka. Staubitz had 24 fights for MN and battled Minnesota native and tough guy who I played with, Tim Jackman three times.

After that, MN had Chris Stewart but guys like Seeler & Prosser represented MN with some good ones. Foligno has had some good moments like the Superman-punch attempt but he also got shellac'd pretty good when his jaw got cracked. Reaves, Burns, and a handful of other tough players like Clutterbuck were willing to drop the gloves. I will always put Boogaard at the top and Matt Johnson was another big one for the Wild. Reaves, and Fedoruk along with Boogaard are without question the big reputation, heavy-hitters of lore, but Boogaard is the top guy in my book.

Age restricted vid of the fight against Fedoruk.


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Boogaard was before I really got to watch Wild hockey. I'd see the occasional Wild national broadcast, but hockey was really just regional markets then. 

If my memory is right, I got to see him once as a rookie in Carolina, and once in his 2nd year vs. Calgary in person. He could bring a heavy shift all by himself if needed, and his heavy checks instantly got the crowed going. 

It was nice having an enforcer like that on the team, but I would contend that his true value was in playing that heavy game and throwing his weight around. No defender wanted any piece of him on the forecheck. 

I was surprised he was used so sparingly in many season, being a healthy scratch often. Now that things have come to light on the demons he had off the ice, I wonder if that had anything to do with him being used less? Maybe the team didn't know what was wrong, but they knew something was wrong?

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