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Article: Jake Middleton Is Minnesota's Favorite Kind Of Hockey Player

Mikki Tuohy

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I like Middleton for the heavy game he can play on the blue line. Honestly, we need another large body like him back there. I like his simple offensive game which is look to shoot it on goal hard. 

The other stuff, well, I really won't see it being out of market. He is an important piece especially come playoff time. 

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Middy is the epitome of Minnesota. If you ever met him you would think he grew up here 50 years ago. His blue collar, black t-shirt, MUSTACHE, Harley riding physic is everything people love about him.

I could literally envision him skating on the ice after practice in his breezers, topless like he does to cool down and a leather MC vest and a big yellow hard hat and toothless smile.

He's a no nonsense "cool customer" down to his skates and I could see him staying her and raising a family during and after his career. "Minny is a green and golden, old school fit for Middy"

The bonus of being a regular guy on and off the ice is he brings value to this team with his cool demeaner. Don't misunderstand his low key approach, because if you upset the big man he's gonna throw down and protect the helm and put himself on the wall for you. He fits the Minnesota Wild and has the FU that Billy G loves and admires.

He will be an easy to understand extension when his time comes around. When Spurgeon moves on it will be interesting to see which you gun he picks up and carries into battle.

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