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Article: A Wild Sicko's Guide To Puckdoku

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Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen this before, so I’ll definitely check it out!

Tony, I’m a fan, but “a dude like Dennis Maruk, who no one's heard of?”


Literally one of my favorite players to even don the green and gold. 5’9” on a good day, and thought he was a power forward. The line Dennis Maruk centered here between Shane Churla and Basil McRae was a treat to watch. He’s also the answer to one of my favorite trivia questions that stumps lots of hockey “experts:” 

Which former NHL’er has the highest single-season point total among players who played for Minnesota in the NHL? Hint: He didn’t play here when he hit this mark. People usually guess Modano in Dallas (the other #9), not Maruk.

—— In the ‘81-82 season, Maruk had 60 goals and 136 points while with the Caps. Scrappy little bastard even put up 128 penalty minutes that year. 

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I got curious and did a bunch of research after the fact to assemble what I think is the Ultimate Sicko Picks for the Wild + each NHL team. Even with me scoring. I got exactly one out of 32.

ANA: Justin Kloos (1 MIN, 1 ANA) ARI: Jean-Guy Trudel (1 MIN, 4 ARI) BOS: Petr Kalus (2 MIN, 9 BOS) BUF: Tyson Strachan (2 MIN, 46 BUF) (Dalpe, 11/21) CAR: Patrick O’Sullivan (21 MIN, 10 CAR) CBJ: Kyle Quincey (18 MIN, 20 CBJ) CGY: Krys Kolanos (21 MIN, 13 CGY) CHI: Kurtis Gabriel (16 MIN, 2 CHI) COL: Christian Matte (3 MIN, 22 COL) DAL: Pavel Patera (20 MIN, 12 DAL) DET: Landon Ferraro (2 MIN, 17 DET) EDM: Shawn Belle (9 MIN, 5 EDM) FLA: Zac Dalpe (11 MIN, 15 FLA) LAK: Matt Moulson (20 MIN, 29 LAK) MTL: Gabriel Dumont (3 MIN, 18 MTL) NSH: Jason Morgan (4 MIN, 6 NSH) NJD: Ryan Murphy (21 MIN, 1 NJD) NYR: Jeff Taffe (5 MIN, 2 NYR) NYI: J.J. Daigneault (1 MIN, 18 NYI) PIT: Cal O’Reilly (1 MIN, 6 PIT) PHI: Gerry Mayhew (17 MIN, 25 PHI) OTT: Alex Galchenyuk (14 MIN, 8 OTT) SEA: Gustav Olofsson (56 MIN, 3 SEA) SJS: Gustav Nyquist (3 MIN, 19 SJS) STL: Jon Di Salvatore (1 MIN, 5 STL) TBL: Steve Kelly (2 MIN, 58 TBL) TOR: Eric Westrum (10 MIN, 2 TOR) WSH: Johan Larsson (1 MIN, 14 WSH) WPG: Brett Clark (8 MIN, 44 ATL) VAN: Tomas Mojzis (4 MIN, 7 VAN) VGK: Brad Hunt (100 MIN, 58 VGK) Highlight for spoilers. I can't HTML to save my life


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