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Article: Players We Like Who Are Still Available For the Wild After the First Round

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“Kumpulainen’s skating makes me think he’s unlikely to be a high-end contributor in the NHL someday, and his ability to make smart plays at high speeds (also known as “pace”) is lacking at the moment. However, he is on the young end of the draft class (August ‘05 birthday) and already has a pro frame. If Kumpulainen can improve his skating a bit, I think his shot and defensive details will make him a solid bottom-six center in the NHL, including consistent minutes as a penalty killer.”


seems like a reach for a guy who was projected to go in the 3rd round.

I don’t really like this pick either.

I like the size but not the skill. This is another puzzling pick.

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Rasmus 6’2” 191lbs Center

i see a pattern and I like it.  This is BG’s draft, and my faith is being restored.  If we’d have drafted a 5’10” fwd or a puck moving dman i would have been disappointed.   This org needs beef down the middle to be able to compete in the playoffs 


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Or perhaps he'll be a trade piece? If he makes it, great but it's wise to have a backup plan. Heidt was a guy who looked promising but I didn't think there'd be much chance for the Wild to get him. Two of the three centers aren't little guys and only one Euro. Woohoo!!!

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Besides Born, I'd like to see the Wild get T. Ludtke, Z. Nehring, or Jake Fisher at center. If Hendrickson's kid is there, I wouldn't be surprised if the Wild got him. 

O. Beckner, Ethan Hay are some other guys still available.

LA got Jakub Dvorak on defense. He looked like a good player. Nice pick by Rob Blake IMO.

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I'm going to cut Brackett some slack. He's done a good job to pick up late guys. Pionk now, Spacek last season both really nice job making the quick decisions and having some guys identified who've been missed.

The prospect pool looks pretty good and essentially the Wild have been actively rebuilding while having a playoff team. There's some really nice potential in this year's group so far.

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Kalem Parker has another goofy name that parents like to give in order to be unique just like everybody else.

Looks like a good player though. Skates really well and some had him projected to go around 120-140th overall. At 181, not a bad addition. Has a pretty solid trajectory with two full WHL seasons under his belt. Puts up some offense. From what I could tell, he's a solid skating defender. From Saskatchewan and makes crisp passes.

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