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Article: The Wild Must Move Around the Board To Maximize Judd Brackett

Luke Sims

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Very Judd friendly article assuming all Judd’s picks will make the nhl roster.  Ok I’ll get on the hope train too.  What the hell it’s draft week

 Get prepared to hear repeatedly how we love all our picks and never expected them to fall to us at pick 21, etc.  this is every scout team’s comments roughly 100% of the time. 
Memo to Judd while player xyz is falling down the draft board: if you look around poker table and cannot determine who is the sucker, you’re the sucker


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I read comments from Brackett saying nice things about Eduard Sale who's a big Czech winger who has skill and questionable drive & consistency. So that bodes well for my pessimistic predictions. 

Third season coming and Jarvis is looking to have a breakout campaign in Carolina. My draft hope is that the Wild do something good. Doesn't have to be great or the best, but it CANNOT fail or be the worst. Yes, we'll need time to see what happens but Lundell and Jarvis made their teams at <20 years old. Sillinger and Johnston have also done it without being top five selections. Frankly, I'm tired of the waiting 3-4 years for prospects or watching the hype-train lose steam. 

The positive spin I'm willing to put on the big picture is related to Guerin's stabilization and small gains. The solid appearance of the goaltending and defense is reassuring but the forward ranks could use some upgrades.

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I don't know that maximizing Brackett is the best idea. Brackett's kind of players are good skaters, good hockey IQ, and 200' game. Size has not really mattered. 

I'd kind of like Guerin to have a little more input this time around. I'd love for him to go up and get Moore who should be the most scouted prospect we have. I'd love to walk away with Danielson and Ritchie in addition to Moore, but that's just how greedy I am this draft. 

However, with where we are drafting, in 2003 we would have been in the Getzlaf & Kesler range had we traded for another pick. Could you imagine that combo? I'd also settle on Mateo's find-Edstrom. 

Matteo Mann is a 3rd round grade who I'll bet goes early or before, and I'd love to get him at 64. I think this is the draft where Guerin needs to bring his creativity to the table. Just about all prospects should be on the table as well as most of the current roster. 

Protec mentions the stabilization of incrementally getting better. Now it's time to trade in some of our better for even more and fill organizational holes specifically at the center position, and at the size on defense position. 

I'm sure Brackett's list will not match mine, but if Guerin can tweak what we're looking for a little bit, Brackett should be able to adapt. I also would not mind trading out '24 and '25 1sts to get more high level swings in this draft. Our rebuild should be over after this draft, then comes the developing.

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Listen to Russo and Joe smith interview Brackett this week on “straight from the source” on apple podcast s for free 

Brackett is a well spoken diplomat for the sport and of course all his Wild draft picks.  Not surprising given that he’s risen from lowly sports writer to Wild head of scouting. 
as it becomes harder to give bracket the benefit of the doubt with each of his drafts, I heard bracket as a yes man/company man ladder climber not the grizzle’d rink rat I’d like in my teams head of scouting.  I have full faith in BG but Brackett now looks like a short notice backfill when we had to rid the org of the father son Fenton duo of failure and Brackett was recently pushed out of Vancouver.  Prove me wrong Judd.  Canucks prospects not exactly raising their nhl success

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