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Article: Matt Boldy Still Has Steps To Take This Summer

Mikki Tuohy

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Mikki, good observations. I've never seen the word "niggling" in a sports blog before, I even had to look it up, but it is a spot on word!

I did notice that Boldy was stronger this year, and his board battle, specifically behind the net, was much better. Boldy still has a couple of tendencies that need more strength.

  1. wrist strength to help with shot accuracy. Some of his shots, especially in the playoffs, just kind of fluttered or sailed. 
  2. Boldy has a tendency to try to skate against the grain. Yet, his lower body strength sometimes doesn't allow him to switch directions purely. This might be a combination of strength and edge work. 
  3. This season, Boldy held his own in the corners and on the boards. I'd really like for him to do better than that, and somewhat dominate in that aspect. That will require some more upper body strength. That strength can also translate to in front of the net strength.

I'd think all of this could be accomplished at Camp Ek, but everyone has their own offseason. I would think a trip to Sweden could be fun. Also, you could hook up with Ohgren who's dad is a trainer. 

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I agree with a majority of what you said and believe we have NOTHING to worry about.

Boldy is a young man  (just turned 22) who is a hard worker, has great character, take criticism with ease and is only two years into the program. We have time and his experience coming next year so he wont have to defer.

Bolds is guarantied to com back bigger and stronger next year and I'm expecting a significant improvement and the consistency we need. His resume is proof of that at USA Hockey and BC, so we know its there. He has always risen up and he has played with several recognizable names coming up. 

BG calling him out was your sign. How many coaches or GM's call out any player "telling them they are too cute". They know he's mature enough to handle the critique, the mental game and will respond. 

You hear all the time about pushing players or breaking them (Rossi) before they're ready. Boldy's NOT THAT GUY!

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