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Article: Wild Stuck With Few Options To Clear Cap Space

Tony Abbott

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To start with, there is a chance that the NHLPA is going to try an negotiate a better salary cap for them for this upcoming season. Previously, they had to pay off the escrow before that would happen, but with a new representative in place, this is a possibility, especially if the NHL wants to change some current labor rule. This article is written under the assumption that nothing will change. An extra $2m would go a long ways to helping us in that aspect.

  1. If we're going with the kids this year, we should be able to sign our young depth guys and get the kids on the roster.
  2. This "heavy lifting" phase we're in is only 2 years, but if you fill with ELC players, you can still have good talent for an inexpensive price. Maybe we need to trade for some more of that talent.
  3. Zuccarello has already put in his 10 team list for this current year. He could be traded before the league year calendar flips. He could be traded at the draft table. I would recommend this. 
  4. We have 1 year left of Zuccarello. Kaprizov was asked earlier if they needed to bring in another Russian player for him to feel comfortable. They did bring in Kulikov, but Kap's response was "only if it will help us win." If they are looking to get better, Kaprizov will not be offended by his wingman leaving. 
  5. I believe Spurgeon is underpaid for what he provides and the NMC means he'd have to be involved in any deal. But that cap number still is a big one, and at some point his production won't match that number. It is better to part ways a year too soon than a year too late. Of course, it is Spurgeon's right to balk at the suggestion of moving on, but I think the conversation with everyone should be had at the end of every season.
  6. Faber was amazing and he has some growth potential. I saw him several times skate up the ice only to throw the puck in to a corner even though he had a lane to continue. He's going to need to learn to take advantage of those opportunities and lead that rush. Spurgeon should be able to help him with that if he stays. I'm sure he was given orders to play it safe. He also needs to work on that slapper!
  7. I think we let Foligno play out his contract, or at least get to the deadline. His stamp will be on the young kids if he's with us or not. He has helped change the culture as has Dumba.

I thought I heard that Braun retired. I could see E. Johnson helping with the transition on a 1 yr. deal coming home, and just no on N. Foligno. As for Goligoski, really, I think it's 1 more year or retire. I think he showed us this past season his tank was essentially empty. I think Billy G. needs to have that conversation with him. 

I also wouldn't be opposed to bringing Goligoski behind the bench in Iowa. He's a guy, I think, has other potential beyond his playing days, and I'd think this would be a good time to explore them. We have several new defenders in Iowa, Goligoski would have a chance to mold them down there, and could have significant influence. 

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Not surprised to see the Stars advance. Vegas is going to be another challenge for them, but they may just end up in the finals.

Dallas had the best goal differential of all the remaining teams, but Carolina had the most regular season points. Florida had the worst goal differential and lowest points of all playoff teams, but they're still around.

Vegas has home ice advantage, but Dallas is very much in win now mode with better health and more desperation due to the age of a few of their veterans.

The Dallas veterans remember losing a few years ago in the finals and they seem to be a better team now than they were in 2020.

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