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Article: Wilderness Walk: More Players Going To Worlds

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Last offseason, I thought it would be a good year to swap out full time jerseys. Nothing says change like a visual of actual change and new jerseys resemble that sentiment. We've had 2 reverse retro years, both home and road jerseys which look fantastic! 

The thought was that with Rossi coming up, and possibly Beckman, and the hope that Addison could provide some low cost defensive play, we were a different team. While Rossi is likely, and Beckman too, and Faber is now very likely, is now the time to switch? Or do we wait a year for when the real cavalry arrives? 

I realize that switching team colors requires more than just a decision and announcement, it also needs NHL approval. But, it is time. The forest green, iron range red is associated most with the Lemaire styled team, discipline structure, boring 2-1 hockey games. We need some zip in our game, a changed reputation, even look different in front of the referees. (not to mention that jersey sales likely bring OCL a lot of income)

Iowa's jerseys could also use the facelift. Many times, new attitudes need a constant reminder, and playing under different colors allows that reminder every game. I think it's time for a cool change. It's time to bring back the old colors. Plus, it seems like we played better in them anyway! I personally liked when they added the black stripe to the jerseys going into the '80s. Automatically, we'd get to have Back to the Future night early in the season. 

I also believe that fan gear shows the strength in markets. The red and green colors do not pop in other arenas, but it certainly shows up when fans are wearing the old North Stars' colors. I believe fans will be excited to purchase the new gear and show strength in our fanbase. Strength in a fanbase can alter favored status in the league office. I believe our fanbase, and traveling fans, are stronger than the league thinks. Sales numbers are one way to calculate this strength, and the eye test will confirm. 

So, I'm calling on OCL to petition for the change. He's really got nothing to lose and everything to gain. He bought this team with those colors, he can put his stamp on the franchise by changing the color scheme. Plus, what better way to say F Norm Green?

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