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Article: The Wild Will Lose This Series If They Can't Stay Out Of the Penalty Box

Justin Hein

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the Wild won the game last night. But after that game, I have no idea what is a penalty anymore, kind of. I think of Faber’s stick, Suter’s cross-checking, and Boldy’s trip no-calls.

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Even if Hartman were to cut his penalties per game down to the average level of 0.17 per game, that only works out to about 2.5 penalties per game.

I'm pretty sure that sentence needs a correction, but I'm not sure exactly what you were attempting to say, so uncertain what the correction should be.

My best guess is an estimate for the penalties reduced over a 7 game series, but .51-.17 x 7 rounds to 2.4 penalties per series, if we assume 7 games.

If that were the case, then Hartman could only save roughly .6 goals over the course of a 7-game series by taking penalties at an average rate compared to his current rate, assuming a 25% conversion rate of penalties into goals for the opposition.

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I really like this article format better than the old Vox format.  It seems like the writers can do so much more this way. I'd still like to be able to turn comments green, though.

We only killed 3/5 penalties last night, but both goals came off of clean faceoff losses. The 2nd one had an extra pass, and a 3rd one hit the post on the 5th penalty.  While we seem to not be able to win the faceoffs, we need a better plan shorthanded to account for clean losses.  Once we got past the 1st 10 seconds of the penalties, it seemed like we held our own.

What does no Pavelski standing in front of the net to tip mean to the Dallas PP? I think that's going to be a really big deal.  He was knocked out cold on the ice, I question him being available the rest of the series.

Spurgeon had 2 of those minors. Both were from physical battles that he kind of lost.  That is not normal, so I'd call those outliers.  We'll see as the series goes on.

Our PK was upper 3rd of the league, and while we have no Ek at the moment, I think Faber makes this unit, specifically the 2nd unit much stronger.  Previously, if either Spurgeon or Dumba had a penalty, and it was more likely Dumba, who else could really kill on the right side? Faber plugs that hole, and did so very, very well.  Imagine what he will look like when he meshes with a playing partner?  

When Ek comes back, that may help solve another issue, including draws.  There is little put out on his injury and I didn't get to see the Pens game. I believe it was described as a broken bone in the leg which would be between the skate and shin pad (a very small area). Of course, what usually happens to me when I have a tender bruise like that, I find out just how many times I actually hit that place over a day.  So, is there a pad that can cover that area so he doesn't get hit again?  

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2 hours ago, mnfaninnc said:

I really like this article format better than the old Vox format.  It seems like the writers can do so much more this way. I'd still like to be able to turn comments green, though.


We're still working on stuff with the website and this is something I'm making a mission to push. 

Glad you're enjoying the articles, though! Have to agree: everyone's been crushing it.

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