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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Gamethread: Wild at Blackhawks (8:00 p.m.)

Wild giving up a lot of shots. I hate to be so negative but the Wild are not good with Rossi in the lineup this regular season. Addison's month off doesn't help I'm sure but half-assing it against Chicago cause they're bottom-dwellers sure doesn't look good.

WTF, why even go to Chicago and play the game if they're gonna let the Blackhawks rack up 30+ shots in two periods. Next time I'll take Beckman and Walker. If you asked me this ought to be the last auditions for Addison and Rossi. Trade those guys for other prospects or package em to upgrade a wing or bottom pair guy for next season and just move on.

Haha, at least the Wild are winning the blocked shots category cause otherwise the Blackhawks would have about ~50.

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Just now, Backwoodsbob said:

Normally you would think that he would be throwing his weight around. Apparently he needs to get mad to up his game.

He's had a piss-poor year. There's really no way to sugar coat it. Again, hopefully he's playing hurt and last year wasn't just an anomaly. 

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Just now, Pewterschmidt said:

Announcer just said Rossi has been pretty much invisible tonight, and pretty much invisible and all the games he’s played


I rest my case

Russo just posted that the line might set a negative Corsi record. I could believe it. 

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