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  • Wilderness Walk for 2-4-2013: Game Day Edition


    Now that football is over, we can all turn our sole sporting focus on to the NHL and the hockey season. I believe a couple other sports with a round balls are going on right now, but I'm not sure that 1 of them really counts (all opinions here are solely my own, and if your offended I honestly don't care) and the other I know very little about (GO SWARM!!!!). So we turn our attention to a 1 inch think, 3 inch diameter, 6 ounce piece of vulcanized rubber being pushed around a 200' X 85' sheet of ice. On the bright side about last nights football contest, we did get to see a team wearing purple raise a trophy, and former Viking Matt Birk (and some other guy nobody much cares for around here) gets a well deserved ring. On a personal note, I have had several brushes with Matt Birk in my life, not a very interesting story, I just wanted to brag a bit.

    Coach Yeo has seemed to strike a fancy with the sledge-o-matic and is prepared to smash the lines into bits and bits, but unlike Gallagher he has pieced them back together in ways he hopes will turn this team around. For you younger folks who are confused by the Gallagher reference, its ok, he's unimportant unless your a fan of crushing produce with an over-sized sledgehammer. The Wild are coming off a loss that is probably tops in lack of production or anything positive that I have ever seen. Aside from the 1 goal which seemed nice at the time but turned out to be a fluke at best, their last game in Anaheim was a complete and total failure. The Wild are hoping to turn it around and a couple days off and some serious line adjustments may be just what they needed.

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