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  • NHL Lockout: Lockout Devices - Master Lock 1500D


    Locking things in, and people out, has long been a desire of humans. Keeping your possessions safe is one of the fundamental drives we possess. Thus, we lock things we do not want people to see, and we lock doors to keep people away from those locks we use to keep people from seeing the things we lock up. Still with me?

    The oldest lock known to man is about 4000 years old. That's pretty old, but seems like people had to be locking things before that. I mean, how did the Mayans lock out the players of that crazy Ball Game they played where the losing captain was killed? And how popular would that sport be today?

    As the lockout unfolds, we hope to bring you some product reviews of devices you could use to lock people out, whether in conjunction with other devices, or as stand alone lockout items. Today's lockout device is the standard Master Lock 1500D.

    Basic Information

    You have all used a Master Lock 1500D at some point in your life. It is the gold standard basic combination lock used by every high school from New York City to Beijing (LA was too easy), and the lock people buy when they feel their possession or building is important enough to protect, but not important enough to buy a real lock.

    Customer Reviews on Amazon.com

    Of course, at $4.88, using it to protect valuables should not have been tried in the first place. Note: buying a lock commensurate with the valuable it is intended to protect is a good idea.

    Why Choose This Lockout Device?

    Because you're cheap, or you don't really care about whatever it is you are locking up. Perhaps if you are trying to lock a cabinet door to prevent a two year from accessing it. If you have a three year old, you may want to upgrade. Once they can recognize numbers, this lock is useless.

    How to Defeat this Lockout Device

    One swift blow with a standard 16 ounce hammer near the hasp will bust this lock faster than the guy will no shirt on in your favorite episode of Cops.

    Bettman Scale of Lockoutability

    One half Bettman out of a possible 10 Bettmans.

    Hockey Wilderness Recommendation for Player Lockout

    Once they are in, there's no telling what they might do. Do yourselves a favor, owners. Go with a higher grade lock.

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