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  • Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Carson McMillan


    Finishing out a painful day of grading, I think I know now what teachers go through. Ugh.

    Not bad kid. Come back next year and show us you've got it.

    Nathan- Seriously, hasn't McMillan been property of the Wild since the inaugural season? Shouldn't he have become part of the core? What? He's only 23? You have got to be fuc ... wow ... never mind. One more year kid. Make an impact.

    Grade: C

    Grade: C

    Jesse- An 11 game stint isn't much, but McMillan did his job fairly well in those 11 games. Another (and I do stress that word) mucker from the HWSRN era, McMillan was able to chip in 3 points in that short timeframe with the Wild. He won't set Houston on fire with his scoring, but he adds sandpaper grit and a bit of size to the depth lines in Houston. He's definitely a very poor man's version of Bulmer, but hey, he was one of only 8 skaters to have a +/- score above zero, so that's at least something. He also looked like a superstar against Colorado, so anyone who can piss off Dater and ruin his day gets a nod in my book.

    Grade: B

    JS- Seth Rog, er I mean Carson McMillan had a very good cup of tea with the Wild. Good depth player, 3 points in 11 games with some good two-way play and he even dropped the gloves once. I'm a fan. He has 15 GP for the Wild, with 5 points. It's a shame he got injured, because I wish the Wild kept him instead of Ortmeyer or Peters this season. Maybe next year, he'll be the more frequent call-up.

    Grade: B-

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