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  • 2018 NHL MOCK DRAFT: Carolina Hurricanes pick Andrei Svechnikov 2nd overall



    The 2017-2018 started out with high hopes for the Carolina Hurricanes as many thought this was the year they would finally break through and get into the playoffs, though they started out well they faltered around halfway through the season and missed out on the postseason.

    They did get some luck in the draft lottery, though, as they jumped from the 11th overall pick all the way up to 2nd overall giving them a chance to select the highly skilled young forward they have been trying to find for awhile now. So with the 2nd overall pick in the Hockey Wilderness NHL Mock Draft, the Carolina Hurricanes select RW Andrei Svechnikov from the Barrie Colts of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL)


    The Scouting Report

    Svechnikov is considered by many to be the best forward available in this draft, mainly due to his elite goal scoring ability combined with his bigger size at 6’3" 184 pounds. He's had many teams scouting him several years before this.

    He showed his goal scoring prowess by scoring 40 goals in 44 games played in what was his first, and likely, final season in the OHL. His excellent skating skills with great balance and a very powerful stride combined with his speed make it hard for opponents to keep track of where he is on the ice. His wrist shot is one of the quickest you will find in any league and he can score from almost anywhere.

    Svechnikov's playmaking ability is also at an elite level that he can beat you with a great pass as easily as a great shot. He uses his strength to find his way around and through the opponent to makes plays. The only real knock on Svechnikov’s game is that while he can get under the skin of the other team, he got a lot of penalties from shenanigans after the whistle, stick penalties, and dangerous hits. Overall, he is the type of goal scorer with a physical edge that all NHL teams would love to have on their roster.


    How He Fits The Wild

    Svechikov would most certainly fit with the Wild. He has the combination of elite goal scoring ability, speed, size, and physicality. All of which are things the Wild have never really had and would be the type of physical offensive catalyst the Wild need, the only problem being that to acquire him, a blue chip top-6 forward would likely need to be shipped out to make room for him on the roster. Minnesota can't afford to get rid of the few good players they currently possess.


    How Could The Wild Get Him?

    Realistically, there is almost zero chance the Wild could get Svechnikov. The only way would involve a trade with the Carolina Hurricanes in which the Wild would likely have to give up their 1st round, pick, future picks, and a young NHL ready forward and probably more, which the Wild simply cannot afford to do if they want to try to compete and win now. The Hurricanes also, I doubt, would even consider a trade because Svechnikov is the elite forward they need and he is loaded with high upside scoring potential they would not just simply trade the #2 pick away.


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