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Article: Should the Wild Trade With Utah To Beef Up Their Prospect Pool?

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1 hour ago, Tony Abbott said:

If Guerin &co don’t whiff of 2020 draft (orourke, hunt) and 2021 draft (Lambos, peart ) we could’ve been in a position to trade mids for middle 6 fwd instead of signing him well into his 30’s.   Experienced dman (kulikov) are cheap on the open market

But Pewter those prospects could pan out.   True.  But those are 1st and 2nd rounders so it’s not unreasonable to expect one of them to be in lineup by now.  Hunt?

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Now, this is something to consider. I'll review-

In my research, I've found that if you can hit on 2 years of 3-4 players drafted in a 3 year period, you are most likely to have a special team. That team grows up together, works well together, and socializes together. I did no research on what happens when you trade into that group (like we did with Faber from 2020). From that year, we have Rossi, Dino, Hunt and Faber who have debuted at least. 

Now, out of that group of 3-4 players, they needed to be players who had a solid role with the club, not an AHL call up. For awhile, we tried that with the 2010 draft and traded for some other players from that draft too. We were looking good for awhile, and then blew it up.

But, if we traded for a player from the 2020-22 draft who was a top prospect chosen but has yet to debut, I think we might have something here. The Wall has already debuted from 2021. Ohgren debuted from 2022 and we're pretty sure (don't worry ODC, I said pretty sure) he's going to be better than a solid player when he comes from Russia. Put in another guy from this group that Utah's got and maybe going with the '20-'22 drafts could work? 

I like bunching the players together like that in a 3 year window. I think this is a very good way to get guys to mature together.

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