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Article: The Xcel Energy Center Might Be Getting A New Name

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On the Markstrom trade, Calgary got one of my defensive targets in Kevin Bahl. They also got a 2025 top 10 protected 1st round pick. 

I did not know that Bahl was available, but when Kalisha suggested Jonas Siegenthaler, I thought she went after the wrong guy. Bahl was my guy to try and pry loose. He would have been less expensive, I think, and still had a lot of potential as a shut down left side defender with size. 


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That seems to be the consensus. His value is low, and nobody sees him as a #1. He kind of failed his 1st attempt at that. I'm kind of glad, I think he's on a decent contract and he and The Wall can be a really good tandem for years to come. 

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44 minutes ago, B1GKappa97 said:

None of these goalie-desperate teams wanted Gus!? 

Maybe Guerin's asking price is really high given that he is the #1 goalie for the Wild with only below average or unproven goalies behind him. At age 26, not the best time to trade Gus, in my opinion.

Remember when the Wild let Darcy Kuemper go around age 26 and then he posted a .921 save percentage from his age 27 through age 31 seasons, only below .920 one of those 5 years?

Markstrom was worse at the same ages that Gus has played through so far. Markstrom did have history between ages 26 and 32 of being quite solid, but he's 34 now and there wasn't a huge difference between the two last year. Gus was much better the prior year than Markstrom.

In my opinion, Gus should be more desirable than Markstrom at this point given his upside and lower cap hit, but maybe Guerin is asking for more.

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