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Article: PWHL Minnesota Aiming To Even Up Final Series In Game 2

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I didn't watch the game, but I would have been betting heavily on Edmonton. Vancouver had a nice run this season, but they just didn't have the horses to go up against Edmonton. All Edmonton needed was competent goaltending. 

However, Vancouver did hold McDavid scoreless.

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While I'm an out of town fan, I do have to ask this question: Out of all the states in the union, Minnesota produces the most NHL hockey players. Of these players, how many of them want to leave the state and play anywhere, and how many of them want to come home?

For instance, Parise wanted to come home. Faber grew up a fan of the team. I assume Stramel did the same, though he chose WI over UoM. Could coming home be a recruitment technique? There are a few players who might like that. Casey Mittelstadt and Brady Skjei could be 2 of them. 

Every franchise looks for a way to be competitive on the UFA front. If money is competitive, you look for tiebreakers. Weather and taxes are not going to get it done. Being a large hockey market inside of a mid-market city might be for some guys. I would think this would be especially appealing for some of the Swedish guys. 

But, could coming home be a recruiting tool? 

For those in the area, if this is not a recruiting tool, what would be your suggestions in attracting UFA talent (besides winning)?

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