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Yurov - KHL Gagarin Cup.

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Sweep. Metallurg wins. Close game. 

If Yurov is a KHL champion does he get the congratulations call from Guerin and request to join the Wild? I would think one more year in Russia wouldn't hurt his development and he might wanna try to win again?

The Wild could easily consider him an upgrade but is it too early to rush him into the NHL while the Wild are still a year or two away?

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I think he proved himself in the K, now it's time for him to come to the N. Kaprizov was a little thicker/stronger, but 3 years older. I'd love to see a huge training year for Yurov, and to come over and start getting experience. I'd say the time is right.

The best way to infuse talent when we are penalized like we are is to bring in young ELC players. Guys like Rossi and Faber this year tremendously overperformed their cap hits, even with Rossi's bonuses. Ogie, Dino, and Yurov can do the same. 

On the Kaprizov front, when he sees his new teammates, he will like them and see a bright future here. It's not necessarily about winning now, it's about thinking you can contend with the roster you have. Getting these guys here helps him make his decision to resign. I'm convinced he likes it here and would like reasons to stay. I know he wants to win, but the old vets are not the ones to get him there.

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