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Article: Wild Well-Represented At World Championships

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Game 4 of the Gagarin Cup finals is today at noon.

Saginaw squeaked by Sault St. Marie, 3-1 in game 7. While Haight failed to get a point, he was 15/23 in faceoffs. It looks like he was moved to 1st line center, and that Calum Ritchie was out.

So, think about this, in the CHL (WHL and OHL), we have players in all 4 conference finals' series. And, we've got Yurov in the finals of the K. All except Kalem Parker are playing large roles for their teams. 

Meanwhile, all Wild related teams are home cooking, and making tee times. While a deep playoff run would be much nicer, once in awhile, getting a little longer summer break can have some benefits! 

I also believe that Guerin can be talking trade with already eliminated teams. All those GMs are looking to make their teams better. I'm hoping he finds a way to make ours better before the draft frenzy.

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Metallurg won the 2024 Gagarin Cup, lifting the trophy for the third time in its history. A road win in Yaroslavl saw the Steelmen sweep Lokomotiv, with Daniil Vovchenko claiming the winning goal midway through the third period.

Yurov's season has ended with the cup. Now we'll see if any additional news is forthcoming.

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Why didn't anyone mention that Al "Close" Shaver had passed away? Sean, where are you on this? 

I can remember listening to him on the radio and filling out my box score sheet as a kid. I loved listening to his calls. It kind of seems like Wally should be the voice of the Wild. I don't mind hearing LaPanta, but the Shavers are broadcast royalty.

96 years old is a long time. But he has finally signed off for the last time! 😪

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