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Article: Marco Rossi Deserves Danila Yurov

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On 4/23/2024 at 7:20 PM, Need4speed99 said:

I completely agree on the youth. They should have been doing that this year and doing everything they could to get yurov to commit coming over.


Only edit I have on the lines is putting freddy in the box and giving someone else a shot. Freddy and Jojo are not worth it and it would be better to give someone a shot. And for all those freaking out about size, bring in some big bodies then but freddy and Jojo need to go.

NoJo is in a contract year once again so there may be enough fire in the beginning of the year that he garners some trade value. If he doesn't show the spark he had that got him highly overpaid this past year and the next, then yes, have him watch from the box upstairs. 


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On 4/24/2024 at 10:33 AM, mnfaninnc said:

We need Yurov to come over. That is a fact. But, could Yurov replace Boldy on the 1st line, and we build the 2nd line around Rossi/Boldy? 

It would seem like Kaprizov and Yurov would have an immediate connection, not just because they are Russian, but because they were trained with similar coaching. They should know where each other are going to be. I would think having a net driving center in Ek would help.

The one thing I want to see is training camp next season. I'm hoping Heinzy gives everyone a ground 0 chance at claiming spots. This team could go very young and consequently very fast next season. 

I believe it is time to transition....and figure out a way to grab Brady Tkachuk!

I completely agree. If some of these young guys continue putting up numbers as they did at other levels, this team could be really good.

Hopefully they see an opportunity and hit the weights hard this off-season. 

We also need guerin to give them a legit shot. We know what we have in the vets and rolling out largely the same tea. Won't  change much.

I also hope billy doesn't panic and go fire sale like Fenton did.

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