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Wild beat the Kings in LA.

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Talbot gets zero satisfaction as the Wild pick up two meaningless points. Rossi, Boldy, Ek, Faber, Hartman, and obviously Kaprizov carrying the water. 

#97 gets his 50th assist. 

Boldy nearly at 30 goals. Beauty tonight. Rossi is creeping up on 20 assists which is not many based on his playmaking pedigree. Perhaps that will develop as he continues to grow as a player?

Fiala picked up a point late but Gus played well and had a nice game. .958% so a fresh start for him next season or a break for Summer could be good for him. He's been a great goalie before so I wouldn't write him off too soon.

Ogie and Knudi quiet tonight at least on the scoresheet along with NoJo & Fred who also didn't do too much. Chisholm limited to 9mins while Faber led the defense with 25mins. That guy is awesome. 

Hartman and Zuccarello played pretty good this season and I'm sure they wish it woulda gone better but I think they met expectations. Grizzle's goal was a great example of him being able to finish grade A chances.

Goligoski had a solid game. A MN guy who's had a great career but it's time to hang em up. Enjoy Summer at the lake and MN will appreciate the 2M in cap space back. 

Kaprizov is going Biblical Samson, the longer the hair gets, the more powerful he seems to become. He just needs 5 goals against Seattle now to make it 50G/50A. Totally doable... 😀


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