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Article: Mason Shaw Is Making Everyone Romantic About Hockey Again

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I think Shaw's one of those guys who will stick with the team until there comes a time there are just too many other options in play.  They stuck by him when his injuries bit him, and he's always seemed to be the right guy in the right spot.  I still remember when Evason or Guerin (I forget which) said last season, "He earned his place to stay."  He may move on someday, but there's something infectious about knowing a guy won't let his body, his size, or his skillset be the end of him.  The team sees this, and I think he's as good as gold as long as the Wild need him to be.

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Shaw has changed his game a little this season. 

  1. He looks a bit slower than previously, but an ACL injury recovery period if your name isn't Adrian Peterson is usually a 2 year endeavor. 1 year to get back going, 1 year to get back to normal. 
  2. Shaw doesn't really stop, and I think that's because he doesn't trust his knees. Instead, Shaw finishes checks to stop. 
  3. Shaw's edges aren't great for a short guy, but, again, I don't think he trusts his knees to make those cuts. It would be nice if he could.
  4. Shaw is short shifting himself. I don't know if it's just getting back or if he just hasn't gotten his game wind back. 

But, next season, I think he and Dino could make a very good PK pair. Much like Shaw and Dewar did last season, I think Dino and Shaw could really put pressure on the opponent's PP. 

Let's face it though, upside has very little for Shaw, he's a 4th liner. But he could probably play on anyone's 4th line. The guy is tough and I suspect a little more north of 183. If there's shenanigans while he's on the ice, he's the 1st one to drop, and he'll get you if you forget he's left handed! Shaw's thick for his height, so he's not small. And, he hits with leverage. 

He's earned his place on this roster and still has it. Glue guys are inexpensive and interchangeable. But he's more than that, heart and soul guys are not, you keep those guys you've brought up because he bleeds green. For Shaw, he doesn't ask for much, just opportunity. Sometimes the person is more important to keep than the talent.

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On 4/7/2024 at 11:39 AM, mnfaninnc said:
  4.  don't know if it's just getting back or if he just hasn't gotten his game wind back. 

He seems like he's pretty winded when you see him on the bench after shifts.  I think his stamina is still working it's way back.  It seems like he's mostly operating under sheer will.  Shaw played a lot of PK unser Evason, but Hynes has stayed away from that possibly with lack of stamina in mind.  

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