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Article: Joel Eriksson Ek Took the Road Less Traveled To Becoming A 30-Goal Scorer

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Kaprizov may be the Wild's best player, but Ek is the most important player.  Kaprizov, Ek, and Boldy are amazing together, and it has paid so many dividends.  Now the Wild just need to clone Ek and have four stone-faced goal scorers down the middle.

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JEEK, when healthy, has also been one of the Wild’s most productive playoff performers in that same time span. Not having him in that Stars series last year was killer. Just not enough horses down the middle without him. 

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I remember seeing Ek in his final WJC tournament. I believe he led the tournament in SOGs. The thing was, though, that a lot of these shots, even though in fairly close were not very hard or accurate. 

This season, and probably the reason he has 30, it looks as though he worked on his shot this offseason. Why? because he is firing off a wrister, snap shot that has got some real juice on it. Sure, most of his goals come from outworking the opponents, but there are some that are launched, something he didn't have in his bag in previous years. He's not a weapon. 

But, now that he's got that, he's not enamored with that club, he still works hard and it doesn't matter how it's scored. He doesn't even care if the net poofs. All he cares about is that the puck full crosses that line and there's one tick on the scoreboard. 

Honestly, we need a couple of more with that same mentality.

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