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Ek scores!!!

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Ek's the best, and most important guy from the Fletcher Era that's with the Wild now. More important to Wild wins than Brodin.

I just couldn't help thinking back to the Fletcher drafting-window when I saw this goal last night. It's also a great example of great NHL hockey plays and how the NHL is totally unforgiving for defenders who make minor mistakes. It's a small miss in execution one way, leading to a goal the other way. Just interesting play and connects to my next idea.


Whether or not you watched the goal above, it's a Tuch to Thompson play where they capitalize on an unforced error. The big idea for me, was dangit, the Wild could have those players. Here's a snip from 2016, where Brackett took the worst guy in the top 10. The Wild took a 200' two-way center who somehow takes a ton of penalties. Down from the Wild are a few nice players including Alex DeBrincat, and Kyrou but also Thompson who STL selected or Howden who won a Cup with VGK. Frederic has been a thorn in the Wild's side beating up #97 and being sand in the Wild's teeth.


From 2010 Wild 1st Round selections: (Skipping Leddy - 2009)

(Fletcher) Granlund (I would have rather had Brock Nelson - Warroad, MN)

(F) Brodin/Phillips (No issue, but J.T. Miller is a pretty nice North American player. Hot dang the Wild coulda had Boone Jenner, Brandon Saad, William Karlsson, or Nikita Kucherov with their second 1st.)

(F) Dumba (Total nothingburger after Dumba.)

(F) NO 1ST

(F) Tuch (Given away with Haula for expansion. No 2nd, but the Wild got Big Kahk in the 4th.)

(F) Ek (Nice! Greenway and no 3rd, but Russian savior in the 5th.)

(F) Kunin (Explained above why the Wild blew this one.)

(F) NO 1ST (Missed opportunity here to have selected Oettinger.)

(Fenton) P. Johansson (McBain McBailed, but the Wild got Dewar.)

(F) Boldy (Boldy was kinda a gimme where the Wild were sitting. Firstov & Beckman still in the mix.)

(Guerin) Rossi

(G) Wallstedt/Lambos

(G) Ohgren/Yurov

(G ) Stramel

The Guerin/Brackett stuff is still pretty fresh. I'm not gonna critique quite as hard yet. The history from Fletcher & Fenton is tough because there's names that could be in a Wild sweater now, who would improve the team tremendously.


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