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Article: The Wild Have Another Russian Player Everyone Is Overlooking

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I love your enthusiasm and positive take on the Wilds potential future.  Sometimes I get down about the extended contracts given out at the beginning of this season but it does seem we have very good prospects that are close to earning a spot on the team and that we will find spots for them in St. Paul.    Hope springs eternal.  Especially for sports fans.  

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There's a lot to like about the potential of the team...in a year or so.  If Firstov gets added to the mix, you just add more depth to a team sorely lacking it.  I'm not going to expect everyone to hit big.  However, Firstov, Yurov, Ohgren, Heidt, etc. have the benefit of a team with about 3-4 known scorers, a couple good defensive forwards or depth options, but a lot of fluctuating or older pieces.  If you can't beat out anyone in the bottom six other than Foligno or Khusnutdinov, that's on the player and the development.

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On the old site, Stanley kept up with Firstov and kept reminding us of him. I've kept tabs on his statistical improvement which has been really good for a season and a half.

I think the main issue with Firstov is going to be compete level, and that requires strength/weight. It looks like his listed measurements are still from his U-Conn days. I cannot imagine he wasn't in the gym fiercely last offseason to produce a season like this one. He's got to be bigger now.

But, with a quick look at stats, he's played 2 games in Iowa with nothing to show for it offensively. I have no idea where he's playing in the lineup, but I do know that Iowa, who has been bad this season, won both games.

In other news, Farjestad who was ranked #1 going into their playoffs is down 3-0 to Nogle and Ohgren has been shut out. To be fair, Farjestad has not scored many goals in this series, so the whole team is down. He might get into a few games by the end of the season! I'd love to see him here with 9 to play.

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