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Article: Wild Sign Hot Prospect Riley Heidt To Rookie Deal

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This takes away a little of the sting of not (as currently reported) signing Petrovsky and letting him go back into the draft.


OK, kid, let's see what you can do in St. Paul in September...

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Maybe Heidt impresses in camp so much he has to be added to the roster.  It would be cool if he does, but it's good that both he and Kumpulainen are locked in.

Be patient, and all this will work itself out.

Faber gets a max deal (pretty much assured)

Rossi gets a bridge or even his own Boldy/Ek deal (20-goal scoring rookie center: they better...)

Khusnutdinov gets another year.

Yurov/Ohgren maybe coming next season.

Cap issues and missed playoffs be damned, there are still things to be happy about.


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On 3/25/2024 at 8:44 AM, Protec said:

We know about Heidt but what about weight? 😀

Gonna need to beef up 25-35lbs to mnfaninnc’s satisfaction once junior playoffs are over.

Heidt is a guy with a superb scoring touch and also a guy who likes the physical contact and getting into scrums. He's listed as 5'11" 183. It would not surprise me if he has grown an inch or 2, but to start out, I think he needs to be at 195ish. That's adding only 12 lbs. to his already listed weight, and he is at an age where he's starting to fill out.

I think this is 100% doable for the prospect, and if he comes in chiseled at that weight, he should receive serious consideration for a roster spot. Now, starting him off on the roster does not guarantee he will stay there, he's got 9 games to prove himself. But, that's also 9 games a 20 year old can spend in the A before being called up.

5'11" 195 is not a bad weight for an NHL forward, I'd say it's around average weight for his height. If he did grow an inch or 2, working towards 205 would be the goal, but he doesn't have to start there. With the propensity to lean towards contact, though, being larger at his height is preferred just to take on the physical punishment. He'd be at a canceling out weight with probably 75% of defenders. 

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