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NoJo stinks sequences.

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Check out this series of images. Against STL, NoJo had zero impact in any positive kind of way. The reason MN gets smoked against strong, physical, Central teams is because MN is soft, lazy, and meek. The weakest link boys. I mention below two timestamps. The second one needs no explanation. If you watch it, you'll see #90 completely mesmerized by the puck. He's like a retriever, eyes glued to the tennis ball. STL uses the Wild like a junior varsity practice squad and NoJo is standing still in the middle. Absolutely shameful...

I cut up this especially worthless sequence from the recent Blues game. They're captioned so I'm just gonna put em in order. I pulled the images from the Sportsnet highlights on dooftube if you wanna watch it for yourself. Attached at the bottom. (Image sequence @ 0:56sec - Penalty kill sequence @ 2:54sec.)

I know this is beating a dead horse, but what's going on with GMBG & Hynes on NoJo??? He is brutal! Career minus player. How do you reconcile this? No grit, no defense, "decent" offensive numbers means NoJo = 1/3 the qualities of any MN bottom six player and both Deweys who hustled and play defense.(Sometimes better defense just by paying attention.)










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This is my main point recently. If you wanna make the playoffs and you're really trying, how can you put this guy on the ice? 

You're right, this is not a one-off isolated thing. How is it possible players, coaches, video guys, or GM hasn't noticed? Total apathy? It's so weird, like do you value a guy who sometimes adds a little offense but nothing else over guys who might be weak producers or who are unproven defensive players? 

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