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Article: The Wild Must Create A Home Away From Home For Kaprizov

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Watching past few games to get an idea of what k-nat is all about has been frustrating. Not because of his play . Watching dean’s security blanket do nothing once again with talented line mates is so pathetic. Fred’s line can’t break the puck out of there zone cause Fred gets caught on wall an manhandled . If they do get to neutral zone there is no support to carry puck in so they dump. Fred can’t and doesn’t go get puck . If moose gets it then Fred loses it in o zone. They absolutely do nothing and it’s not because of k -nat or moose. Fred doesn’t do his job so the others can’t do there’s .  Watching Fred play is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Unbearable. He’s everything I don’t like about hockey . Weak with no fight or physicality. A guy who hasn’t earned anything this year and doesn’t get held to account. Not my kind of player . I get others getting on Jo Jo . I’m not a fan but I think Fred is more detrimental to this teams future . They are basically a 3 line team because Fred’s line isn’t doing anything.  
     What line or combination of players has Fred ever been consistent with? How many really good players has Fred had opportunity to play with and made them better? None imo . I bet the wild never win a playoff round with Fred on roster. That would mean you won a round with 3 lines because you were hiding Fred’s line. That’s not going to happen .  You can get away with him on roster in reg season but playoffs forget it. Fred’s style of play doesn’t win anything! 

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