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Article: Danila Yurov Breaks Historic Record In KHL

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Nice for Yurov to hit that 48 point mark. Look forward to seeing how he does in the playoffs. The end of the KHL regular season is coming very soon.

And there's definitely some excitement for Dino to join the Wild once it's over.


we very much expect the Wild to sign Marat Khusnutdinov, who can play center or wing, to his entry-level contract sometime after his KHL season ends with Sochi on Feb. 25. The Wild could start his contract immediately and insert him onto their roster after he gets his U.S. work visa. -- Russo, The Athletic


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I think Yurov is going to shoot for 50 points now. He has 2 more games to accomplish that. 

Dino, with the Flintstone's Dino logo, should start selling t-shirts right now. While I agree with Yurov chants from the crowd, we now have 2 days to start Dino chants ( and no home games ). 

This team travels well, perhaps on the road, a rogue section of fans could begin the chant to be heard by the Bally Sports North media group, and maybe even LaPanta picks up on it?

I'd love to see him in attendance getting a huge ovation when the team gets home, but getting his work visa might take a little time. In the mean time, it's time for the marketing department to start selling Dino merchandise! Nothing says welcome to a new foreign player like seeing cheering fans who know who he is and that he's wanted. I'm sure Yurov will take notice of this!

On a different front, Torpedo, who owns Firstov's rights is a lower playoff seed. He is already under contract here and could simply jump on a plane and head over. I would also assume that since his ELC is active, he would be playoff eligible too. I'd really like to see how he's improved and if he can help us. If not, he could be a sweetener in a deal, if he doesn't want to be here. We should know where his heart is by March 8th. 


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