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Article: Gamethread: Wild vs. Canucks (1:00 p.m.)

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Well NoJo a total pile of shit on the Petterson goal. Then a lazy-ass dump give-away that led to Miller's hat-trick goal. 

Johansson sucks! Giving up 5 in two periods is not the way to do it. 


Need to covert here on the PP.

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2 Hat tricks, put a 10 spot up on the best team in the NHL. Even with a frustrating season this was a fun one, wish I could have been watching it. Be nice if this could create some massive momentum going into the peg. Hopefully its carries over and they can take it to the Jets (and Kap stays healthy..... damn dirty jets)

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If I ever see any article or any poster say, "The Wild are in desperate need of a top line or #1 Center" again, show them this game and laugh at them.

Ek has been their best center for years, and I think games like this are long overdue.

The vibe in the arena was just insane.

However the season goes, I will remember this game as the moment the Wild showed they can stay in and even win any game.

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1 hour ago, Sam said:

Why there no more game threads?

Yeah, I'll post up when I can about it, but it's usually just me who posts anyways. The golden era is over and the format for mobile after the switch pretty much nailed in the coffin the whole thing.


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What did the Deweys hear they were getting traded according to HW.com???

Scoring all of the sudden on the 4th line where Hartman is the facilitator. 

Chisolm getting on the scoresheet too and making some smart plays.

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Haha! If you go back and look at the replay, Boldy and NoJo both deer in the headlights. Nojo jumps off the bench late and tries to make it look like he backchecked. Boldy just got hit with the dump-in attempt. Pretty typical broken play leading to the puck in the back of your net. Gus kinda got surprised too cause the shot was off-speed and on the ice.

Less my fault, more the Canes taking advantage of semi-sloppy neutral zone play.

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