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Article: Mason Shaw Is the Tiny Farmer That Could!

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It's really cool that Shaw not only fought back from that situation, but the Wild knew it, gave him a contract, and then gave him another one.  I still remember last year, the report was, "He earned his place to stay."  You need guys like him on the roster, and I think he'll prove every bit of it.

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While Shaw is a great heart and soul guy, how many times can he have an ACL injury and remain part of the Wild`s future? Do the Wild want to commit to Shaw long term, knowing how frequently he gets injured?

With all the prospects coming down the pipeline, I think Shaw will likely have a limited future with the Wild, unless he can find a way to stay healthy. Shaw could be an excellent 4th line guy, but he needs to find a way to stay healthy.

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Shaw is a stud. I have tons of respect for him. He’s farmer strong and tough. He may have a small stature but nothing about his game is small I don’t even consider him an undersized player because it’s irrelevant in the way that he plays . He an ek must have the same genetics that most don’t have. That unrelentingly work ethic. I’m sure his came from the farm and the hard work needed to be successful. There’s no excuses from him just the drive to get it done. .  
     The injuries suck for Shaw however he’s one guy I wouldn’t bet against. Whether he has a long career or not , I consider him an nhl player. Not an ahler that had a few cups of coffee in the league.  I hope good things for Shaw. Love watching him play and his love for the game. 

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