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Article: Matt Boldy Leads Wild To Win Over Vegas

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Welcome home Thomas. If it was much longer, I was going to check into capsized boats in the Caribbean to see if you were on the passenger's list!

Does Matt Boldy read our comments? Well, one might think so as he was much more assertive last night and took the puck to the net several times. That's the type of Boldy we need, I hope he keeps it up.

Now what? We are 3-0 out of the break. I know the players and coaches are going for it, but what does Guerin do? The empty net goal play was exactly why I love watching Duhaime play. If Shawzy gets up to speed, could there be a reuniting of the Duhaime-Dewar-Shaw 4th line that was so good down the stretch last season? That's assuming we keep Duhaime past the deadline. 

I'd have to conclude that Shooter is not an external adder at the deadline, but he could promote from within, or, juggle some things around and become a buyer and seller to help certain spots on the team. This might look something like he did with Addison and Bogosian. 

If he is convinced this is a playoff team, guys like Duhaime and Bogosian might be useful. Guys like Goligoski and Merrill will not be as they simply do not have the speed to perform well in the playoffs. They will be healthy scratches just like last year. Merrill's got to have a little value as a #8 on a playoff team somewhere. I can't imagine him staying next season as he's surpassed by Hunt and likely Lambos. 

Should we finish February with a good record within the month, I believe Guerin will go for it. March is a bit of a softer schedule. There may be a tweak or 2, but room will need to be made for Dino. After the TDL, we can carry more than 23 players as long as we have cap room, so maybe we just do that? I'd think Dino's speed could help us and having Hunt up could also help us. Beckman should be able to help too. What is the deadline for signing Shawzy to an NHL deal?

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