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Article: What Are the Wild Getting In Will Butcher?

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Nothing is what they’re getting.  The guy doesn’t even play in the damn NHL.

Knowing this s-show of an organization, he’ll immediately be signed to a 3 year NHL contract with a NMC.

Last night was the final coffin nail for me after regaining some hope.  Fire everyone and blow this thing up.  


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This is not a Spurgeon replacement, this is an insurance policy. What about the guy he was traded for? He was playing in the E! We've got Petrovsky, Haight about to graduate from jrs. We've got Ohgren, Yurov, Dino, and possibly Firstov coming over from Europe, the guy was getting shut out.

I said it in another post, but I think having an NHL experienced guy, over 275 games of experience, is a precursor to either Merrill getting traded/waived, or Goligoski heading to a contending team. 

And, this is Guerin's first trade in this silly season. He's just warming up the phone! I'm anticipating some players getting moved out. Someone's got to fill the vacancy. 

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16 hours ago, TheGoosesAreLooses said:

Without the runway to grow into something better

Yet, his history tells us that he has done things Addison has not. Also, interesting tidbit, but Addison is also getting healthy scratched by the Sharks. I assume it's pretty bad when you are healthy scratched by a team trying to get Celebrini.

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Can the Wild get a new owner? I get the feeling, that ownership is partly to blame for the team struggling to win. When Paul Fenton was signed as GM, Leopold publicly stated the team was still capable of winning, and that Fenton just needed to tweak the roster. Bill Guerin was able to convince Leopold to dismantle the roster, but not to do a total rebuild.

This season is lost, so the Wild might as well tank and hope they can draft a big 6'3 center, or that giant 6'7 defenseman.

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