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Article: The Minnesota Wild's Trades Must Keep Eye On the Future

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The bigger question is how to make that work in later seasons.  The Wild acted as a broker for other teams.  It got them decent to good depth (MoJo/Nyquist) for fairly little, and MoJo signed for very little term or money.  Spurgeon is most likely back next season, so I'm curious to see if a future player would stay on a new contract.  It'd probably be easier at defense than forward.  I think they have to be sure it's not just a depth piece, but something worthwhile.  Brodin and Faber are going to do what they are going to do.  Middleton is sneaky offensively and has size, but is it better to have more shots at a draft by being a broker again or just take the replacement now?

I just hope Guerin waits it out and doesn't jump at any random player for a 1st or 2nd (The Fletcher method).  It'd have to be someone particularly good worth that sort of investment.  Maybe play chicken with other teams and see what they'd be dumb enough to give for cheap.

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Looking at the measurements, I'd say Broberg needs to add bulk (who's surprised) to be more effective he was listed in the article at 6'3" 198. To me, that's simply too light for his height and would suggest he loses physical battles. The other issue is his LHS D. That's what we've got the most of developing.

Boqvist is smaller at 6' 189. We could use another puck moving righty, especially while Spacek/Masters develop. However, I'd like him larger too. But, Boqvist gives us a little insurance if Spurgeon can't go. He would have 1 year left as an RFA and a change of scenery looks like it would benefit him. Perhaps he goes to Camp Ek for summer strength and training?

To me, Broberg looks like the more controllable asset. His ELC ends this year, and I'd say he's due a bridge deal that is 2-way. This is precisely the type of player that needs to be able to compete for a spot and the Hunt and Lambos need to compete against. He could also use some time at Camp Ek. But, playing along side a guy like Jonas Brodin could help him develop. 

Sometimes we don't take into consideration the influence other country's stars can have on younger players. Both Ek and Brodin are well respected in Sweden, and likely players these younger Swedes look up to. If they are on the team, they will listen to them. Both of those players might be a by low type of transaction on a very talented player. Both players have yet to hit their prime. 

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Good article. I agree Broberg isn’t the answer. Right shot top 4 d is more important . Especially with spurgs future after surgeries. IMO the should be sellers no matter the standings . They’ve shown no ability to play with the top teams this year. 

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54 minutes ago, TheNoogie said:

GMBG with "house money" is scary AF

But, as a caveat, the NHL has to manage the cap for him! I'd assume they simply don't have the....let's say imagination/creativity to circumvent the spirit of the cap as a real capologist would. 

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Mentioned this in another article, but Yurov had another 3 point night last night, bringing his season total to 42 points. This would be a great time to signal to him that there is an NHL place for him on the roster next season! I'd think that adding him, Dino and possibly Ohgren would be a great boost to the roster, and who knows what Firstov could bring (either in his presence or in a trade). 

Honestly, I'm not looking forward to bringing in a free agent next year, I think serious promoting from within will be the way to go. Adding on a couple of guys already here, like The Wall and Lambos and suddenly we are not one of the oldest teams in the league anymore. 

So, what if Yurov can play center here and fits right in between Kaprizov and Zuccarello?

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Speaking of trades...Faber-Fiala looks better now.


"Los Angeles has dropped 12 of its last 14 games, and gone 2-7-5 since Dec. 28. They hold the first wild card spot in the Western Conference, but are only five points from dropping out of a playoff spot."



Doughty is ripping his teammates publicly for playing for personal stats instead of wins.

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Fiala looks like he's slumping right now too. I can't figure out what's wrong with LA at this point. They're getting solid goaltending. Brandt Clarke has been called up. Let's just say that Faber is having a significantly better season than Clarke is, however, Clarke is a year younger.

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