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Article: Gamethread: Wild vs. Flyers (7:00 p.m.)

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Yay, one loser point to leave us at 39 points at the halfway point of the season. 

So, just 55 points in the second half and we might have a faint hope of a playoff spot....or. more likely, let's see where we end up in the lottery.

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Guess it’s not a penalty to pull someone back if you’re playing the puck and can poke check.

Careless play in their own zone and a good forecheck by Philly. They had some bright spots where they were moving the puck well and the poof, they turned into pumpkins. I don’t get it.


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2 hours ago, Sam said:

Apparently there is no need for a gamethread for this one…

I wish there was one, but kindof glad there was not.

I was at the game tonight and that was brutal.  No communication, no defense, bad calls.  No clue how to enter the offensive zone, stupid attempts at no look passes. 

I am honestly not sure where the Wild go from here.  The refs hate them.  Coaches have no plan.  There is some talent, but they cannot even make a cross ice pass.  The biggest cheer of the night was Flower going bat-shit out of the net up to the dot.

That might have been the worst Wild game I have watched since I moved here in 2002.

Top 5 pick?  Here's hoping.

Hopefully tomorrow's PWHL game is a better experience.



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