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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Ryan Hartman's High Stick Causes Heated Debate On Sportsnet Broadcast

The season's almost lost. I think it's time for a boys will be boys '80s night with CBJ. Go full throttle with line brawls, etc... Maybe even Fleury finally gets his goalie fight!

Why do this? It's simple, referees and league must be embarrassed for anything to change. Like was said by someone else earlier, even bad publicity can be good. 

Referees losing control of games is an embarrassment to them. And, it requires extra paperwork, extra review, extra scrutiny. 2 of those this season would send a direct message to both referees and the league: "We're not taking this anymore!" Call the game fair, or this is what you'll get!

Remember how NYR responded to Washington, and then loaded up on grit players in the offseason? The grit players are already here. Let Crazy Eyes lead the meltdown. It's not a pleasant thing, but it is necessary. And, regardless of the outcome of the game it builds comradery with the team, and every single player will play loose the next few games. This eliminates a lot of frustration, and you can look back on it and smile.

The NHL will have to investigate why the team snapped. I can give you one reason! Consistent cross checks to an elite star player that go uncalled dating back to last season's playoff series. It's an easy out and explanation.

Also, OCL, get out your checkbook, there will be fines. Perhaps a little extra gets that weighted ping pong ball in our favor?

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1 hour ago, mnfaninnc said:

That was an awesome hit on Bedard, and I'm hoping one of many! That's one way to slow the kid down, a hard open ice hit up high. And, yes, it looked like older brother Foligno stepped in too. 

If you want to beat Bedard, treat him very roughly. Step up on him every chance you can. Do it hard and legal. I'm anticipating seeing Daemon Hunt do the same thing. Midsy would simply clean up on him. Even Spurgeon could catch him not looking.

Like say...opponents do to Rossi?

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