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Article: Servac Petrovsky Shined In Two-Way Role At World Junior Championships

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I'm suggesting we call Petro Tiger: Put the Tiger in your tank! Maybe too much Exxon?

What I don't understand is why his game is not translating in the OHL? A quick look around shows the Owen Sound Attack in 7th out of 10 places in their division. They're 5th in scoring in their division (average). 

Could it be that Tiger plays on a bad team? That would certainly explain the low point totals. I'm not sure how the playoff structure works in the O, but I would have to think 7th isn't a good place to be. They're 1 point out of 6th but there's a lot of separation up the ladder from there. 

Could Tiger benefit from a jr. trade? This would be my thought since he graduates this year. I'm not sure if he can be traded to a different league, but wouldn't it be sweet if he could be traded to Heidt's team?

Another factor to consider is we drafted Tiger at 5'9" 16x. He is now at 5'11" 174 according to Elite Prospects. He's got some bulking up to do, but, his eyes have had to readjust to his new height. Wouldn't another inch up be nice?

One thing is for sure, his WJC experience should have him back in Owen Sound being very confident. 

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Rasmus Kumpulainen scores the Fins second goal to put them up 2-0 over USA in semi-final and team Canada crying the blues over lack of scoring when they left the PP and overall CHL scoring leader Riley Heidt at home.

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4 minutes ago, Sviginak said:

Rasmus Kumpulainen scores the Fins second goal to put them up 2-0

I was just about to report that good news as well, along with the bad news that USA is heading into the 2nd period down 2 goals to Finland. The US team has far more NHL talent on it, so hopefully they are up for the comeback.

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USA with a goal in the last 4 minutes and held on for the 3-2 victory. They'll face the Elite Swedes tomorrow night!

Friday Finals game time is 12:30 Central time.

3rd place game is at 8:00 Central, if anyone is interested in the tournament finale for Kumpulainen.

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