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Article: Report: Minnesota To Host 2026 World Junior Championship

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Anyone watching Sweden vs. Czechia?

I see they are tied at the end of 1, but not able to watch live. David Edstrom(2023 pick #32--Vegas Golden Knights) assisting a Theo Lindstein(2023 pick #29--St. Louis Blues) defenseman goal for the elite Swedes.

USA playing Finland in 2nd semifinal later today at 12:30 Central.

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Tight game until the last 10 minutes for the Swedes. Before they scored goals with 8 minutes left, and another around 7 minutes remaining in the 3rd, the game was certainly in question, but they advance to the final with a 5-2 over Czechia.

Sweden has been very tough to score against in the tourney. They started with 3 shutouts(including one against Canada) before Finland put in 4 regulation goals against them in group play. They've allowed just 2 goals in both the quarterfinals and semifinals. That's slightly below 1 GAA for their goalies since they played OT twice. Finland did beat them in a shootout, but that's the only mark against.

Finland had lost to Germany(who barely avoided relegation with a 1 goal victory over winless Norway, a team all other opponents had defeated by 3 goals or more) before finding their game and advancing to the semifinals with 1 goal victories of their own over Sweden(shootout win) and Slovakia.

If USA is on their game, they should face the host team from Sweden in the title game, but cannot overlook a structurally strong Finnish team this afternoon.

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