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Article: Minnesota's Superb Rookie Duo Won't Threaten Bedard's Calder Coronation

Tony Abbott

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I really don't keep up with the awards as it highly favors teams in large markets. However, team success does sometimes play a role in the awards. This article assumes a healthy Bedard throughout the season, a huge assumption I think. Yes, he's putting up points, but sitting injured doesn't do that. 

It took Rossi a huge offseason of training to do this. Bedard is still 18 and quite slight in build. Turning the wrong way into someone in the Foligno class (even a teammate) could send Bedard to the sidelines for a prolonged period of time.

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As has been mentioned, larger markets have an advantage.

Not mentioned though is that I think Rossi closes the gap some.  If the Wild can be as aggressive offensively as they have been by driving up ice more, I see this benefitting Rossi a lot.  I think his point rate speeds up a bit as a result.

Granted, being on a line with Kaprizov and Zuccarello, he should have opportunities.  He's also not looked like a passenger on that line and it's allowed his offensive abilities and awareness to be more prominent in his game.  He's definitely got a lot to learn, but he seems a little quicker to diagnose things each game.  As a result though, I think he would need to outscore Bedard by about 10pts to get real consideration and even then I think Bedard gets the votes to take it.  That said, if Rossi plays that well - good on him. Even being in the upper tier of players considered for votes is great to see after where he was last year.

I'm also in the group thinking that Bedard is one good hit away from being destroyed.  He looks like a good, stiff gust from a Zamboni would knock him over, but he doesn't play like it.  I genuinely hope he stays healthy.  I don't like to see anyone get hurt.  A few that I enjoy see getting totally embarrassed on the ice or getting hit hard, but not actually injured.

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Let him have the ordained award.  Kaprizov got one, so it's not impossible for the Wild to get trophies of their own every once in a while.

I just want Rossi and Faber to continue to get even better.  Their reward will be fat chunks of those $15m coming in a couple years.

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Faber is a bit like Spurgeon and Brodin.  Few in the league recognize them in discussions about who the best D in the league are... yet when we play against players like Connor McDavid... Brodin and Spurgeon do a fantastic job shutting them down.  Faber will be a reliable staple in the foundation of our D for the next 10+ years.

I'll be curious to see how Rossi turns out.  He is having a great rookie year.... His hockey IQ is off the chart.  If he continues to strive to improve he could find himself in rare company... if he settles and has a softmore slump it may be difficult for him to reach his potential.  Stay on the Gas Pedal Rossi.  

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Beard will win unless he gets injured. Should the fact that he is 18 factor so heavily...I don't think so. Without that he is only having a great rookie year but nothing really unusual. (KK was significantly better) IMO what Faber is doing is MUCH more unusual for a rookie.  But... Bedard will win.

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