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Charlie Stramel


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He had been injured. Then nothing much to show on paper.

Another somewhat interesting pick by Brackett. Obviously, the size and athleticism was great in the combine. There's time for young guys who don't need to be jammed into the NHL asap but it kinda makes ya wonder a bit how draft gurus think. There are lots of good players at 21st so if Stramel has a hard time getting cracking in NCAA what does that say? Injuries and stuff going on? That's what was said about last year and lots of places had Stramel moved down the board. Almost like Brackett likes to go for players all the other teams are happy to pass on. 

I hope it improves for Stramel whatever the situation. 

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I don't think there is too much to worry about now.

Of course as we look at Rossi, Wallstedt, Ohgren, and Stramel, there is a pattern of waiting 3-4 years. Boldy was in sooner but not too much sooner and that hasn't entirely played out. I wonder if #12 will realize golfing didn't get him out of the gates like a cyber truck zero cylinders. Maybe he'll improve or become the big player but ya got 7M and after 3-4 years in the NHL we should see more from him compared to what Ek or Dewar earn as centers. Zucci is way more productive on the wing for less. Next Summer Boldy, less golf. 

There's some good lessons for Guerin in the last two years related to signing young guys bigly or vets locked in securely. I hope Guerin gets better and extracts the lessons. The Mojo thing looks bad now but Tage Thompson took some time to develop. That's why Stramel should get his 3-4 years too.

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