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How important was Matt Dumba?


Pretty simple question. The Wild are nearly the exact same group. Difference for 2022-23, no Dumba, and injuries, but otherwise Maroon/Reaves swap the Wild upgraded.

Looking at the goaltending and defense, it hasn't been what we expected. Faber is good, but as a group the defense hasn't been what it once was. Dumba had grit before marketing started pumping those tires.

How important he was for the group is interesting? More than Merrill or Mermis. More agile, stronger, and more durable than #33. I think that was a big loss for MN. I wish Guerin would have traded Addison, Merrill, and some other third guy to have kept Dumba. Is Spurgeon's absence more of the reason?

Heck, I was the guy who said trade Gus while his value was at the max. Hopefully, #32 will get better like he did last year but right now it looks like a scoring wing, Dumba on defense, and either Wallstedt or some other journeyman tendy could be doing as well to this point.


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I think Dumba was glue.  I know it's one of those sport narrative words, but it's accurate.  He wasn't big or really fast but had just enough speed and physicality that found that defensive niche you commonly see in the NHL.  

What he really had though was heart and attitude and I know it doesn't really show on the stat sheet but it does make an impact that I think we are missing this year.

Dumba's problem though is that he made bad decisions and wasn't worth 6M, wasn't worth trading away Haula and Tuch, and was a liability at the blue line.  

Overall though he is missed and probably should have been offered 2-3M but we just didn't have the money.

Also, let's not disregard Mason Shaw he brought that same attitude and "glue".  I miss that guy. 

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