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Anybody think it might be the PK?


With all the conjecture and debate recently while the Wild aspire to be average, might it be true the worst PK in the NHL is a primary concern? I.e. reason for poor record.

Penalties were many early in the first games which cost the Wild. NJ scored nearly every PP they got against MN.

As the Wild try to dig themselves out of a hole, they spill a lot of dirt and partially bury themselves. I don't mind that Guerin moves languishing young defenseman or adds a bearded monster. It's the failure of special teams that has to be questioned. The PP shouldn't be so bad because the Wild have some talent. The PK could use a guy like Shaw, but I think the defense has hurt the Wild when shorthanded.

They just aren't gonna be a good team until they get all aspects of the game sorted out. Injuries hurt, slow starts suck, but the 32nd best PK is not gonna get ya to the top of the Central. They've only had a couple ugly games. Others that are decided by two goals or less have to be viewed through a special teams lens. A goal for, and one less against could be the difference in pulling the goalie or getting a point in OT.

Ripping on Guerin and his roster OR historical high hopes for Addison, is misdirected frustration. The Wild need to start working harder, being more disciplined, and execute cleaner. There's more parity in the NHL this year. Since XGMCF's no longer running a team, plus CBJ, Arizona, and Detroit are climbing up from the barrell-bottom, the Wild will only get an easy one against the toothless Sharks with thin mustaches. Even then, lets hope they don't take any penalties. 

At least if the guys could lose their minds in the box or something. Could be more entertaining and add value to offset the shame and disgust of the automatic goal against.



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