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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Gamethread: Wild vs. Rangers (7:00 p.m.)

Thomas Williams

Just now, Willy the poor boy said:

Lizard should have tied it up. Can't miss those when your in a swoon like they are...

Lizard has been like that all year. Flubbing on golden opportunities, making bad turnovers, etc. He really needs to get it together....he has looked absolutely putrid thus far.


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Okay so we have effort. Seems like accountability works. Keep it up. Prove folks like me wrong.

47 minutes ago, WheelSnipeCelly said:

One silver lining is that the Wild outshot the Rangers 14-7! And...Dean-o actually made a goalie swap instead of forcing Gus Bus to dig out of his own hole.

I thought the Wild would have learned their lesson by now that neither goalie has proven themself to play 2 games in a row...

The revolving door to Iowa should be wide open and The Wall needs a shot.

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The one thing I really liked about the Faber assist is how we patiently waited for the #16 defender to come to him and then passed it in the vacated lane, giving Ek a wide open gimme.  He didn't stand still and force a cross-ice pass through 1-2 defenders who were squared up to him.  He moved in, broke the defense down, and waited just long enough to give the defense almost no chance to stop it.

Kid just amazes me how mature of a player he is sometimes.

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