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Article: Marco Rossi Has To Overcome Everyone Else's Fears

Tony Abbott

12 hours ago, TheGoosesAreLooses said:

IMHO if you are sticking Rossi on the third line with Moose and Freddy, get ready for third line numbers. 17-21pts on the year.

If he cannot exceed 25 points playing 14 minutes per night, they might as well keep him in the AHL. Foligno and Gaudreau have both averaged over 38 points per 80 games the last few years on the Wild(2 seasons for Gaudreau).

17-21 points should be 4th line numbers for someone who plays every night. Reaves even put up 15 points in 61 games last year, which would be roughly 20 points in 80 games. If Rossi isn't better offensively than Ryan Reaves, that's a major problem.

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10 hours ago, TheGoosesAreLooses said:

So you put him on a reduced mins line and expect him to perform like he is playing on the first line? What you expect out of him is the same as Sam Steel, Freddy Hockey and Grizzle did this past year, all of whom got first line minutes. 

It is one thing to expect him to get up to speed, a whole other to expect him to put up points like guys getting first line mins at various points in the season with one of the top players in the game(Kap). You're setting him up for failure before he even steps foot on the ice.

It is easy math. Most coaches will tell you it takes two full years for guys to get up to speed in the NHL. 19 games does not equal 164 games.  It is super easy to sit back and expect a kid @ 21 years old to burst onto the scene as a superstar after losing a year to myocarditis. Expectations and reality are two different things. I want him to succeed too but our definitions for his success are wildly varied. 

I don't believe Evason roles the lines where the top line gets that much more time than the 3rd line. I said 30 points, that's a long way from a scoring star. I'm also assuming 82 games with that stat line. Freddy had 38, Hartsy had 37, but in only 59 games and played hurt most of the season, and Steel had 28 and didn't put up many points on the top line. 

The previous estimate of 17 points is ludicrous. On a down year, Foligno put up 21. So, yes, if Rossi starts out between Foligno and Gaudreau, I'd expect something along the lines of 10-20-30. And, I'd expect the 3rd line to all have about 30 points in an 82 game stat line. 

I think it's both reasonable and far more likely than 17 points. I think 17 points gets you traded. 30 points gives you something to work with.

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8 hours ago, Need4speed99 said:

And mnfaninnc I get what you said about the preseason and very valid points but why not try rossi out during the season and top competition? Is it worse than steel, jost, or freddy?

I'm not saying you couldn't. But, if you're experimenting, wouldn't it make sense to try it in the preseason first and see if there's any chemistry there? 

My point is more of a shot at Evason at this time. Climbing the ladder is hard to do, but it's near impossible to do if you never get an opportunity to do it. I do not believe that the young guys get a fair shake in camp or practice to climb that ladder, and the way things are run now, they surely don't get that opportunity in preseason. 

You've been knocked out in round 1 3 consecutive years, and in the playins the 4th. You'd better be trying everything you've got to see if there's a more successful situation to put these players in. If you've got young guys who can handle it, then let them earn it, but they never earn it without an opportunity to do it. You can't just give them the position, but you can experiment.

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