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Article: Wilderness Walk: Looking Ahead

Thomas Williams

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In a conversation with Justin Wiggins, he did some Rossi work in March last year. The article this year of Daemon Hunt helping Jared Spurgeon is what brought on the conversation, but that article was quite awhile ago. 

Justin Referred me to an article he wrote in March, probably one that escaped HW readers. Here is the article:  

The article gives a lot of insight on the growth Marco Rossi had last year, and is insight Justin had watching 3 games of film. There's a lot that can be learned from his observations, and it was a very well written article. I'd suggest it as a nice read during the dog days of summer.

I've mentioned before about how much strength and speed I thought Rossi lost with his myocarditis. There was another aspect that I hadn't really figured into the equation: The speed of the game. It appears that the game had been going too fast for him, for a time both in Iowa and up here. That may have been what we saw with the 1st 16 games of the season. In the final 3 that he played late in the year, I thought he visibly improved each game.

Thanks, Justin for getting back to me on my question about Rossi, and I hope everyone benefits from the information he shared.

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