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Article: Wilderness Walk: Dumba Signs In Arizona

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I was one who thought there may be a spot for Dumba at about $1m on a 1 year deal. Familiarity with the team and it being a better team were the calling cards. 

Dumba has got to rebuild himself, especially offensively. It may well be that the 2 injuries he had on that right shoulder area have never properly healed and he's very damaged. I'm going to look and see if he can unleash Dumbombs anymore? 

If he can, a 1 year deal in this cap environment is the best plan for him. If he cannot, it's a sad way to end a once promising career. Dumba was a pretty tough customer, but when he was jumped by Domi after the Pavelski hit, he pretty much just tried to tie up Domi and it looked to me like he couldn't throw rights. 

I sure hope he comes back healthy this year for AZ. 

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He needs more than good luck!

Dumba's going to the US version of "Island of Misfit Toys" with several MN Wild castoffs, no local public support, in a college rink with a home crowd from the opposing team that's 5 feet away from rink surface. I love Cools and the tenacity of the group from last year that always gave the Wild hell when they play us.

I'm not gonna miss the turnovers, bad penalties or the shots high, sailing wide, over the net. Time for us ALL to move on......addition, by subtraction.

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